Hello world…

So I have now created this blog with all the enthusiasm and now…. I’m lost. Totally blank. Can’t think of anything to write.

Huh ! … what a beginning.

As they say ‘well begun is half done’ … what about a bad one? … half screwed ? 😛

It’s so easy to advice people to do their work without any expectation… but boy… it’s so damn difficult to really do so.

Instead of thinking about what to write… all I’m doing is… wondering about “who will read”.

I’d read in some famous blogger’s interview that when she would get stuck and wouldn’t know what to write … she will just try and forget that she even has blog and words will automatically come back to her.

I wish some miracle like that would happen to me also 😀

I’ve so much stuff to blabber about, all day long… but when it comes to writing a meaningful, well composed stuff… I’m no good. I’m more of a person with random thoughts than a well composed article. So yes…that’s what anyone who comes across my blog should expect here. 🙂


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