3D Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs


After delying it almost for a week, finally this weekend I got to watch it. I can’t decide if it was the story or the 3D effect that I enjoyed so much…or may be both 😉

They have done great job with 3D effect. In some of the scenes I actually felt as if I’m there….though it was literal pain neck to watch a 3D movie from 2nd raw in the front :/ … but I was so keen on it and didn’t want to take any chance of missing it.

Apart from the 3D effect, the movie itself is such an enjoyable thing. They way they have build up the character of the characters is totally amazing. And this time they’ve made it so much easier to relate their lives with ours 😛 . Totally loved the puns on modern life and apt choice of songs ;D.

While Sid was funny and cute as always, there wasn’t much attention given to Diago this time,  instead got to see the Possum brothers more. Ellie has become so much mature in this part and also seem to have got sense of humour with sweet sarcasm (yeah…sounds weird but can’t find better words to discribe it…if you do… let me know ;).

Though there are some weak points too… like every other movie. Too much of “Dinosaurs” according to Habby and they also lack the character building part. Scart wasn’t as funny as last two parts…in fact little boring with an ‘almost typical’ love story.  But I enjoyed the over all movie and all that I can say is… GO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE THAT YET ;).


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