The ‘pain in neck’ Driving classes :/

Yay… I’m ready to rule the world but…


My neck hurts 😦

Thanks to all ‘reverse gear’ practice.

Yeah…now since I’m little comfortable with driving straight ahead …my instructor thought he will teach me reverse gear. (me getting chills just at the thought of driving backward )

So escaping our everyday ‘almost empty’ road route, we enter an even more ‘almost empty’ society nearby …

Instructor : take left…now righ …and now stop.

I: err… stop ? now ?  (duh! if he is talking some alien language which I don’t understand 😛 )

Instructor : yes… STOP

I: ummm… oky

Instructor: now put the car in reverse gear and turn around to look back.

I: turn around ?   Ain’t I suppose to look at the rareview mirror ?

Instructor: No. It won’t give proper idea of where you’re going

I: ummm… oky. But my seat-belt doesn’t allow me to turn that much.

Instructor: then why are you still wearing it?

I: :O (unbuckled the seat belt)

I: now?

Instructor: now go backward slowly. Do not try to catch speed.

I: I’m still not getting proper idea of ‘where we are going’

Instructor: yes…it’s matter or practice.

I: and my neck hurts

Instructor: yes

I: :O YES? What’d you mean? Isn’t car suppose to be a fun and luxury thing ? :/

Instructor: umm…yes. But not for the driver.

I: :O :O

Instructor: You can hold the side seat with one hand… that will allow you to turn towards back more…and you’re neck might hurt a little less.

I: leave one hand from the wheel???  :O :O :O

(Now this even worse than the ‘pain in neck’. My hands seem to be on some kind of compition like ‘car on my side’. As soon as I take away one hand from the wheel… the other one will start pulling it in the opposite direction. Yeah… that happens for a ‘micro second’ while changing gears also. )

Instructor: now turn left. Not right. Left. I said LEFT.

I: eh… I thought my left 😛 (remember…I turned around to look ‘back’… and anyway it takes me few seconds to recall which one is left or right… yeah i would try and check ‘which hand has the wrist watch’  ; )

Instructor: We always talk about car’s left and right. Not ours. :/

I: eh… got it.

Insturctor: oky stop and go back to the original spot.

(Me sooooooooo happy that we are going straight…once again Car’s left is my left and right is right 😛 )

Instructor: stop.

Me: :O Don’t tell me we gonna do that again 😦

Instructor: eh…why? We will do that only, today. Hehehe….until your neck hurts real bad 😛

Me: 😦

Yeah..we actually did it so many times…and now my neck hurts real bad. Grrrrrr… I hate driving even more now.



4 thoughts on “The ‘pain in neck’ Driving classes :/

  1. Nice title. Never tried mint ice tea. I guess I could make it at home. put a leaf of fresh mint in the brew … viola !

    Hey I took driving lessons too aeons ago. N really it felt like rocket science. Still cant drive. Ppl say the best way to learn is just drive. Sigh..

  2. Me too 🙂 Am taking driving lessons too and my instructor takes me to the weirdest places to do the three point turning and my whole body hurts at the end of it 🙂

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