I wish…

Imagine heaven on earth… Imagine a little white house on a beach…. From the balcony I can see the beautiful blue waters and feel the cool breeze… nothing to worry or hurry about. Sleep for as long as you want… spend an entire hour taking shower with aroma of mint…ummm. A lavish  breakfast waiting for […]


Yesterday I had a read bad driving experience. I had to send a Money Order …so first I went to the post office that is near our place. Having figured out that they “didn’t have MO forms” available (huh! :O)…. I was suggested to visit another post office which isn’t so close. Here started my […]

“A picture speaks a thousand words”

–An early Emperor of the Xia Dynasty in China about 4,000 years ago (Ref. – wikipedia) (This is an old post from my previous blog) With easily available “point & shoot” digital cameras, everyone would be claiming him/herself a photographer these days. But photography is much more than just pressing the click button and flashing lights […]


It started from the morning only… Thought of making a lavish breakfast…but felt I don’t have good enough time for that…so instead decided to do with ‘ready to eat’ snacks Hubby left for the office …so I thought I will click some self-portraits for my flickr account which has been ignored for loooooong time… but […]

Bees Saal baad (After 20 years )

Naah… I’m not talking about old bollywood (suppose to be) horror movie. I’m just talking about me, you and other people around us. Change is another name of life. We keep changing everyday without even realising. Many people believe that it happens only during the time when you change from a kid to adult but […]