As ‘LUCK’ would have it

Today the original plan was to watch ‘Love Aajkal’ but then after reading some sad reviews I decided to watch ‘LUCK’ instead.

Well I would give it 3stars… 2.5 stars for the movie and a half extra for cute Imran Khan 😛

Musa (Sanjay Dutt) himself is a very lucky man and he starts the idea of betting on lucky people while he makes them go thorough life threatening game tasks to prove their luck. So all the people participating in the game are either lucky or very lucky in their own ways and have been using their luck differently. One uses it for his nation, one for winning races, one simply to get away with committing crimes, one simply has no realization of being lucky and so on. I have never met someone who is lucky enough to do anything and it would never go wrong…but yes I’ve seen that some people are luckier than others. I was bit disappointed with the climax as it wasn’t really exciting but liked the end with little surprise.

The story-line is definitely interesting  But it didn’t really give me the feel of a thriller movie like Hollywood thrillers. Could have been much better. May be the director (Soham Shah) got struck with little bad luck 😛

I liked the first part more, except whenever Shruti Haasan (Ayesha/ Natasha) opened her mouth. I was totally put off by her dead acting. She just blabbered her dialogues like parrot with ‘almost no’ expression. Loved her straight hair and plastic doll looks, but again her costumes were bit over the top. I don’t think the designer has done justification with anyone’s costumes for that matter. Imran Khan was good with his ‘naturally acting’ skills and so was Sanjay Dutt (playing his fav. gangster role 😉 and Danny (innocent criminal 😛 ). I guess Ravi Kishen also did a good job since he totally made me hate his character.


5 thoughts on “As ‘LUCK’ would have it

  1. ‘Love Aaj Kal’ would have been a better than than ‘Luck’. A fellow blogger had done a review on Luck and then I decided against watching it.

    LAK is a decent one time watch. Plus it is a short movie…around 2 hr 15 min. So you won’t get bored for too long. And the best part…your popcorn will last till the end of the movie! 😉

    • eh…rite…i realise the mistake but too late 😛
      the damage is already done
      Anyways… i’m gonna watch Love Aaj kal also…but not in theater
      And talking about typos… i bet you can’t beat me at that 😛

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