Bees Saal baad (After 20 years )

Naah… I’m not talking about old bollywood (suppose to be) horror movie. I’m just talking about me, you and other people around us.

Change is another name of life. We keep changing everyday without even realising. Many people believe that it happens only during the time when you change from a kid to adult but actually the process continues even after that with the same speed… just that it’s not so visible most of the times.

I realised (once again ) how much I have changed since school times…and started wondering that most of the other people around me have turned into totally changed persons during this time, too.

*Papa has changed drastically from being a short tempered tensed person to a mature and tension free happy person.

*My brother has become a tall, strong and independent person, started eating (and enjoying) all green vegetables, who as a kid used to be very thin and shy guy and wouldn’t eat anything but sweets 😉

*Mom has become stronger and wiser everyday and less scared of banks / ATMs 😛

*One of my uncle has become more of a smart person and learnt to say ‘NO’ from being a totally ‘sidha-sada’ kind.

*My cousin is living and studying in Australia who used to be scared of travelling alone from home to school, at one point of time.

Ah… I shouldn’t start believing that everyone changes for good only becoz…

*Someone else whom I’d always known as a mature and sane person, has become almost insane :/

*Someone who used to be a very wise and thoughtful person, has become a total jerk.

*Someone who used to be ‘everyone’s well wisher’ has turned into a totally business minded cone.

*Someone who used to be a very intelligent kid, has become a stupid looking introvert.

( now you know that I’m not gonna name them anyways 😉

Some of the people have changed so drastically that no one would believe their past if they haven’t witnessed it themselves…. while some people changed without loosing some strong bits of their original character.

Oh btw… I also know a few guys/gals who used to b**ches and bas***erds , and even alfter all these years of good / bad experience they are still the same :/. Even God might have given up on “trying” to teach them lessons. At least I’ve totally given up on the hope that they’ll ever learn…though few years ago I was bit hopeful.

So what is the point I’m tring to make ?

Nothing actually. I’m just sharing my observations with you and hopeing to here some interesting observation / opinion of yours on the topic 😉

Have a great (long) weekend  everyone 🙂


16 thoughts on “Bees Saal baad (After 20 years )

    • May be you are right… I don’t know….but what I know is that a person changes, for better, or worse even without developing an affinity to alcohol ever.

  1. True we all keep changing, are still changing! One person I was happy to see change was a friend who was was smart if you spoke to her but looked very drab, wore dull coloured salwar kurtas, flattened on the scalp hair… and then her daughter grew up, and she forced her mother to get a hair cut, they shop together, go for walks together, and the change is amazing! She wears everything now, Indian and Western, and looks amazing 🙂
    This is only superficial change ofcourse!

    Another friend was timid and shy but now she is very confident and smart, I think she was always like this, it started showing once she grew a little older… and more sure of herself 🙂

    • i think the same goes for me.
      I used to be a very timid and confused person…but education, friends, experiencing different places and circumstances forced by dear Lord helped me to become what I am today. 🙂

  2. As they say, change is the only constant in life. I think we change depending on our experiences and the fall out. Also, the people in your life do influence you, especially some one like a spouse. So we shold all hope for good people around us.

  3. That’s a very unique post. Never read something written about change the way you wrote it. Infact I haven’t even thought about it that way. If I sit back and start thinking, I would love to compare folks in my family to what they were 20 yrs back. And the changes seen in them over the years.

    You’ve opened a new window in my head.

    Great post. Cheers.

  4. Oh no !! a lot of points here, and Im confused if I should comment normally (nonsensically) or abnormally (sensibly) 😀 😀 😀 , ‘cuz this is my first comment. Came in here through your comment in one of my old post.

    Btw, why do you maintain the same posts in blogspot ?

    • Welcome to my blog Vimmuuu 🙂
      Well… I’m also a confused soul and can’t decide which blog should i maintain regularly and don’t have enough clever thoughts to post different stuff on both the blogs…so i post the same thing at same time on both 😛
      But yes… I’m planning to stop doing this and make both my blogs different from each other in future.

      • Now Im confused even more 😀 Is it necessary to have two blogs? Cant you publish all that you need to in one single blog?

        Anyway, coming back to the original topic :
        Change, as you said, happens in everyones life at different phases. At times, we take efforts in changing ourselves and that would bring in a few other changes to us, without even our knowledge. I was shy and completely introvert about 12 years ago and now Im totally opposite; shameless and over-enthu 😀 😀 😀 It was more like a metamorphosis for me and I had to struggle real hard to come out of that old shell. But what came along with that transformation of mine was a few other changes which I really didnt want, which I never knew would happen; I developed sarcassm and became a litte insensitive !

        Phew, thats it!!! Cant write serious stuffs anymore ! 😀 😀

        Btw, Im blogrolling you !

      • Confusing…yes it is.
        Blogger’s was my first blog…so don’t want to delete it.
        Find WordPress better …i started a new blog here and now i want to keep both of them alive.
        No real reasons…just some foolish emotional attachment ;D

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