It started from the morning only…

Thought of making a lavish breakfast…but felt I don’t have good enough time for that…so instead decided to do with ‘ready to eat’ snacks :/

Hubby left for the office …so I thought I will click some self-portraits for my flickr account which has been ignored for loooooong time… but felt that I’m not looking good enough today :/

Then thought of taking out the car and getting it fuelled …but felt I’m not confident enough yet :/

The bedroom has been in bit disorganised state since last few days thought of tiding it up…but felt its not disorganised enough to make special efforts 😉

May be I can paint today…but naah… Not feeling inspired enough.

How about doing some meditation… I’m not patient enough… and that is not just about today.

Don’t want to start cooking lunch coz I’m not hungry enough yet.

And I’m writing this totally pointless post …coz I don’t have clever enough thoughts to make a point, today.

(Ah…all just excuses…  too much laziness …. Pheww…Glad that I manage to find enough reasons at least to breath  😛 )


19 thoughts on “THE ‘NOT ENOUGH’ DAY…

    • Well… I’m not worried even if doesn’t get any better.
      Being born as a lazy person… I’ve learnt to deal with this mood by sometimes just accepting it and sometimes fighting it real hard if needed ;D

    • Naah… I’m not really professional… but its a hobby.
      I click self portraits with help of timer.
      But doing that i can’t control the frame / lighting etc. very well.. so i edit them on adobe Photoshop after clicking.
      Planning to start writing about Photography occassionally if that would help other people.

  1. LOL.. seems to be u r not lazy enough to put all the points of your laziness and hit the publish button 😆

    how was the day??

  2. Good Gosh ! I thought all those snaps were some kinda modelling snaps! You took all of them on your own !! Im crazy of taking my snaps as well. Please tell me how you do them !! Pleaseee !!!

    and yeah, for that ‘getting bored’ feeling ? hop on to all the blogs ! There are some antiwomen posts going around ! 😉

    • Anti-woman posts ??
      where ..where?? :O
      you should’ve posted the links.

      I will start writing about photography soon….specially about self-portraits.

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