Yesterday I had a read bad driving experience.

I had to send a Money Order …so first I went to the post office that is near our place. Having figured out that they “didn’t have MO forms” available (huh! :O)…. I was suggested to visit another post office which isn’t so close. Here started my nightmare of the day. The area where I had to go is not very familiar one and also bit more crowded. Hubby suggested that I should drop the mission there only and he will take care of it. But I knew that he is loaded with work these days and didn’t want to increase his troubles…so I decided to take a chance and go there. Having gotten directions from Hubby, it was easy to reach there…but the problems started after that. First I couldn’t find parking space (another bigger HUH!! ) which was totally unexpected on a working day during day time. Market areas are suppose to be empty at this hour…isn’t it ?.

Anyways…after driving around the area for almost half an hour and getting a bigggggggg nasty scratch on the left (ghee… the scratch is like as long as the car 😦 ), I found a parking lot empty. Managed to park the car with great trouble (FYI – I’m still learning , so parking the car ‘properly’ is a real challenge for me ), I went to the post office. Guess what? Yuuppiiii… even they didn’t have the forms :/ (Damn) And I was told that downloading the form from website won’t be acceptable…. :O …. So much fuss for a piece of paper…Can’t believe it.

This wasn’t the end of my troubles. Worse was yet to come. :/

After managing to get the car out of parking lot, I headed home. I had to take 3 or 4 turns to get out on the main road. But alas… I got confused and started wondering around the place. Under all the confusion and bit of panic… I almost banged into a sctoor. Alas ! …. I got more panicked and didn’t know what to do. Having stopped dead in the middle of the road… me and my car started getting all the expected screams and honking. The scooter guy was real pissed and started shouting at me. For a change, I had the doors locked and he couldn’t open them….otherwise he was in total mood for a big scene. His anger was justified…but the way he started talking was real bad and not justified at all. “ tu bahar aa tere ko batata hoon…. @#@V @#…. chalan nahi ata? …. Tu bahar to aa”. (come out of the car…and I will show you…. (calling names) … don’t you know driving?…. you come out of the car)  :O

Well… even the thought of stepping out of the car was giving me chills …so obviously I didn’t do it. Just set inside the car quietly…trying to hide the panic and fear. After a while he gave up (all the thanks to his friend’s pleas and request that “Let her go… she is a lady…let’s not stretch it any more” … huh! ..,. even if the other guy was no better than the first one… still I felt so thankful to him )

After the traumatic experience… I was left with very little sense for driving or direction. Didn’t know where to go or what to do. But in hurry of reaching home, I kept diriving. Huh! Got lost. :/

Yup… big time lost. When I stopped to call up Hubby for directions… I had no idea where I was. Totally in middle of nowhere. Couldn’t find any landmark also to tell Hubby where I was. After asking a couple of guys… I figured out that I had come pretty far. 😦

Some a ‘dhaba’ guy and driving for 10 / 15 mins (actually which felt like an eternity ), I got back on a bit familiar road and could see an under construction metro station which also visible from our apartment. Oh boy… that view had never been so pleasant before :P. Yeah…I reached home ‘safely’.

For rest of the day…I could hardly do anything. Felt little better only after crying on Hubby’s shoulder in the evening. It was then only that I realise how scared I was. 😦

Today was suppose to be a brand new and better day. Yeah I decided to take a riksha today instead of driving. Again went to the post-offices and western union branches, for the same mission. No good. The post-offices still don’t have MO forms. Western Union is just to receive money from abroad. :/

Just to cheer up myself, I bought ‘Tiramisu’ (As I had heard about it a lot )  from a famous bakery shop… and it totally sucks…just like my incomplete mission :/

(P. S.- Please excuse all the typos and grammatical mistakes… I’m not in mood to read the whole thing again and do any corrections 😦 )


10 thoughts on “AN UGLY DAY :(

  1. Scary experience… !! phew.. but well you reached home safely…

    and hey your pics… geeeeez… you really click some really fantastic ones… I dont like repeating but… the pic is wonderful !!!! you look ummmmmmm… beautiful !!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah scary it was 😦
      But *touch-wood* …i reached back home

      Thanks for the compliment. Will be sharing the tips n tricks pretty soon. 😉

  2. That was YOU ???? My uncle said some reckless woman driver hit him today while he was riding !!! and for your information, he is still calling you names 😀 😀 😀

  3. Baap re.. I can understand how you would have felt. Terrible. But I am glad that it ended normally. Hopefully, there would be no next time regarding this and we’ll read some your good-car-driving-experiences soon.

    take care 🙂

  4. How can all the days be good and happy for us? If we only get to see nice things around – we will take them for granted or at least will miss on understanding their value. Thank God for giving you more days which are not like this one. If we pay enough attention, there is an analogy present in every little thing that happens around us. All we do is sometimes ignore it and do not acknowledge OR we are too tied up with enjoying the good things in life to easily miss on such things. Take it as a learning experience as a soul is supposed to be doing… Learn the lesson and move on.Don’t be afraid of doing it again (driving I mean) – God bless you!!

    • I totally agree with you.
      Everyday can’t be your ‘lucky’ day and we learn from our bad days than the lucky ones.
      Btw… its not really ‘required’ to tell your name…but I would be very glad if you do. 🙂

  5. you know when i saw ur comment @ solilo’s post about ur wish if u were not to fail, i remembered ur driving adventures n came on to ur new blog, only to find this one..

    i can understand what u went thru inside that closed car when that guy was shouting rudely.. for the fear of such eventful possibilities, i only used to drive early in the mornings to enjoy it.. even a split sec of bad experience was enough to scare me n put me off the driver’s seat.. 😦

    but good that u atleast ventured out. you courageous girl 🙂
    all the best for the next times!!

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