I wish…

Imagine heaven on earth…

Imagine a little white house on a beach…. From the balcony I can see the beautiful blue waters and feel the cool breeze… nothing to worry or hurry about.

Sleep for as long as you want… spend an entire hour taking shower with aroma of mint…ummm.

A lavish  breakfast waiting for you… and nothing else to do.

Take a walk on the beach and capture the lovely place around you in your Nikon D90 (a very essential part of my imaginary heaven 😛 )

Now jump in the alluring blue waters and explore the world beneath it, where exotic colourful fishes are dancing at the rhythm the waves.

Now come back to the sandy-land and look up at the sky which has started changing colors and the Sun is waving goodbye.

Oh its dinner time…and again you don’t have to worry about ‘what to make today’ coz everything is take care of and delicious dishes are waiting for you.

After dinner again take a stroll on the beach and go back to your little white house which is all neat, clean, smelling good and playing soft music to welcome you…. Hummm… just the perfect place to fall asleep in Hubby’s arms.

Huh…. Not really a dream… these are the memories of our trip to Maldives couple of months back … which seems like a total dream now. Wish we could go there or somewhere every month.  😦


19 thoughts on “I wish…

  1. Wow, surely sounds like Heaven. When you started out, it reminded me of my holiday to phuket…

    Btw, where are the beautiful pics clicked by your D90? I’ve got a D60 btw. But am just starting to learn the nuances!

  2. Oh……. !!!!!

    I am forever longing for holiday’s !!!!! thought not a beach guy… I long for the mountains and the woods !!!!!! aaaah…

    How I would love to be in Corbett on the banks of the gurgling Ramganga river… in a tent… have hot tea and fish… !! read a book while fishing.. for Mahseer… !!!

    that would be bliss wouldnt it !!!!

  3. Not being a philanthropic extremist – I think a right thing to do on a scary drive day is to remember a dream you lived for real. This by no means to imply that you are not applying any effort to stay positive – but a gentle reminder to ourselves for thanking God for being nice enough to us for having given us both; good days to treasure and not so good days to learn new things!

    • if all the days were so perfect… then we would change the definition of perfect and start craving for something else 😛

  4. First time here. Lovely post! It took me on a vacation, albeit for just a few seconds. Ah, Maldives sounds beautiful. And I saw the pics.. very pretty! I can see why you miss the place.

  5. This reminded me that it has been more than couple of years since I had such a nice vacation!!!
    I dont know when it will be possible to hav another one. Just beloved hubby & I….no mumma mumma in a radius of 200 miles!!!!!

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