Want to know your opinion about this

Hubby: 🙂

how are you doing?

me: m good 🙂

how are you mr Hubby ?

Hubby: still thrilled with driving experience this AM?

(Yeah… due to rain and unavailability of parking plots…Hubby had to take car and I had to get it back home 😦  )

me: we have some special schemes for special people like you

Hubby: been thinking abt lunch… thats it

me: we will send our ‘most driving scared’ person to pick you up from the office…so that you get an excuse to drive them back home

(Yeah ..I’m suppose to go to his office again to pick him up…. Call it ‘Scary part of the day- 2’ )

Hubby: Oh yeah… for sure… I would be more than eager to know ’em all


he he he

me: another interesting part of the scheme is that our ‘scared driver’ is damn good at side-seat driving 😛 (that is bugging you and giving  unnecessary ‘watch out’ instructions every now and then )

Hubby: Hummmm….

do you know what?

me: what ?

Hubby: I feel bad about having screwed up that lady’s day…. in the morning

still feeling bad!

(Well… we were getting late for the office in the morning …traffic was real bad…. and this lady was trying to change her lane without realising that she would bump into us…so Hubby started honking in hope that it will wake her up…but poor luck…she was too busy thinking about something else may be… so irritated Hubby did something, which we thought was bit of a rude gesture…and later he was feeling really bad about it )

me: yeah me too

Hubby: I should have had let her go…

Someone can do that to you too…

me:   Exactly what I was thinking

she might be just a bad driver like me

anyways…keep that in mind next time

Hubby: yeah!

Will do

me: actually ladies are not suppose to be drivers…but still situations and ambitions force them do it at times


they are suppose to be just side-seat / back-seat buggers ;D

Hubby: Don’t give me that c**p.. please!!!

me: no seriously… most of the men are better at things like driving than most of the women

and vise-versa in stuff like cooking or having patience 😛

(Now here is the point for which I need your opinion. Don’t get me wrong…but I’m talking about the ‘general’ gender difference …and I also think that it doesn’t mean being weak or anything… I’m talking about just different skill sets. Read it carefully…. I’m saying ‘most’ …not ‘all’ … I personally know  few women who are excellent at driving.)

Hubby: I am not sure if that holds true… you should do a Google abt it and may be publish the results 😉

me: the difference is not just physical…but physiological as well

..i know enough girls to know this… don’t need help of Google, who has no intuition thingy :/

Hubby: okay..


I am back to work… 🙂

You take care and have a good day! 🙂

me: …but still i will put it across on my blog (if i manage to get out of my lazy mood today 😛 )

you too

Hubby: okey… good luck



10 thoughts on “Want to know your opinion about this

  1. No… its just a myth that ladies are bad drivers…

    the amount of male drivers that irritate me everyday is pah…

    dont make me use colourful language…



    lady drivers… lol… mayb I am biased… lol 😛 😛

  2. Nah! I don’t agree that only ladies are bad drivers, in fact we are the safest drivers and u know we have so many things on our mind that sometimes we are preoccupied 😉

    But yes Men are not good at house work!!! 😉

    • naah…of course ladies are not bad drivers…but as you said…with so many ‘other’ things on their mind…they get confused while driving at times 😉

      I had to make so many efforts to learn driving… and bikes are still a total no-no ….. very few girl can drive with the speed and ease like guys do. But then….. put them in the kitchen and most of the men will prove themselves as Masters of creating a mess 😛

  3. You know, I’d once written something about general gender differences and I got a whole lot of hate mail… So I’m not going to venture in that direction again.

    Short comment – I agree to what you say 🙂

    • I mean, I agree to the fact that men and women are genetically different which makes them a little differently abled but not to say that these abilities cannot be changed. Yes, women can become great drivers and men can become great chefs (actually they are :))

      But I’m sure none of the modern day women agree with me.

  4. Well, though I m bit late for writing this comment, I think I shd….
    Coz I am also experiencing the same difficulties while driving. You are right that ladies are sometimes preoccupied by so many thingz that they cant concentrate on driving.
    Moreover, there ‘shd’ be some basic difference which affects driving skill. I observe that usually boys tend to play with cars, planes and guns and girls always prefer softtoys and dolls at very early stage and mums dont need to even teach them. I think this should be playing a very significant role in development of motor skills which are very necessary for driving. This is just a concept and needs lots of research to obtain proofs!! (I’ll concentrate on this topic just after completing current project!!!!)

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