I hate it when some people try to act as if they are ‘just perfect

I think they are trying to be more like a machine than a human being.

They pretend as if they have a smooth & totally problem free life, making other people feel guilty / unlucky for having little problems. Let me tell you… no one has problem free life… NO ONE…. And people who pretend the other way are not brave enough to accept the truth. It would be much better if everyone would accept their every day life problems as something ‘normal and natural’ rather than something ‘bad and unusual’.

For these so called perfect people making a mistake is a ‘crime’ and letting other people know that they made a mistake is even a ‘bigger crime:/ WHY ? Everyone who tries, takes a chance to fail or make mistake…. Or I would say that everyone who tried has a RIGHT to make mistake…. because at least he/she tried.

I would prefer being a ‘normal human being’ than one of those hypocrite ‘perfectos’. I would like to accept that I have weaknesses… I make mistakes… I try to correct them and doing that, at times I make bigger mistakes 😛 … but so what ? It is ‘oky’. I would like to accept my big or small problem as a normal part of my life…as a part of being alive….and I don’t want to run away from them… neither would try to hide them. Ummmm…ok that is not entirely true… I also do try to hide my problems at times, worrying about what others will think…. They might think I’m a cry-baby… they might get irritated…they might even get angry (if the problem is related with them) ….they might think that I’m stupid and not strong enough to deal with them…they might start considering me as a phsyco :/ …or worse they will just stop listening to me. 😦

Sigh ! so inspite of knowing that everyone faces problems just like all of us… you won’t share (most of ) yours with me and I can’t share mine with you. :/

Anyways… wish you all a very happy (problem free and perfect 😉 ) weekend.

Cheers !!


10 thoughts on “I DON’T WANT TO BE PERFECT.

  1. What are you saying…

    I would prefer being a ‘normal human being’ than one of those hypocrite ‘perfectos’.

    I mean LOOK AT ME.. !!!

    PERFECT EXAMPLE OF PERFECT… but not hypocrite !!!!!! tee hee.. :mrgreen:

  2. I think everyone is imperfect even the ones who think that they are perfect. The level of perfection varies though. 🙂

    As long as it doesn’t make them arrogant, I don’t have a problem.

    Didn’t know you moved to WP. Now comment posting is easy.

    • I know that no-one is perfect…but some people pretend as if they are… and somehow this kind of attitude either makes me nervous or angry 😛

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