There is no * ctrl+z * in real life :/

One thing I found real easy to deal with was always Maths…. and the second thing was Computer.

Both of them have fix rules and no complications…. though in very different ways.

Maths allows no confusions… most of the time there is only one answer for every sum… no if / but / may be  etc. … just simple and straight. You may need to screw your brain at times trying to find the rite answer… but still its just about remembering the formulas and being good with numbers… there are tons of books available to guide you and you know they are reliable… unlike real life..which is so complicated and rules are different for every person / every situation / every goddamn thing… and at times there are no rules at all… find out your own ways :/ … HUH !!

At times I wish life was like a computer software…. You can see the entire picture together and understand it…you can protect it with a password….you may make a mistake and the moment you realize it…you can just hit ctrl+z and you’ve another chance to do the right thing…. you can delete the files you don’t like and make many copies of the files you love …. you have anti-virus softwares to make sure that your dear ones are free from any bug threats… you can change it’s looks and the way it works according to your liking…. connecting you to everyone and still giving you enough space… and the best part… if you get stuck anywhere – you just click  *help* and you get it…. giving you enough tips about how to get out of the mess and telling you between the lines – “lol…you fool… we know that you  know sh**t about this system and you’ve screwed up again like you always do… but don’t worry…take a chill-pill… this is why we are here…. we knew that you won’t be able to understand it totally on your own… so here is the information that you might be looking for” …. and if those helpful tips turns out to be of no use … you can still dial their number and bug them until they solve the problem for you.

Ah… me and my silly wishes… life is not like that…. its complicated… full of questions and no answers… of course that’s the beauty of LIFE…  it’s not Maths, it’s not a Software, it’s nothing else but life…. live it and enjoy it :). Actually I think life is more like driving :P…Oh yeah…  my struggle with driving is still going on and as if to add some more fun…the gear box has started acting like a jerk these days :/ …but that is another story… let’s reserve it for some other day…err… i mean ‘other post’ 😉

Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂


5 thoughts on “There is no * ctrl+z * in real life :/

  1. hey..ur thought is absolutely right..nd true too…
    i jus came by it…in a random search….nd it was a gud blog to end up with..

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