Exploring Chennai ;)

It’s been a week now since we came to Chennai and still looking for house :/

Yeah I’m doing full on house-hunt these days and getting tanned (uglier and darker :/ ) everyday…. initially I hated the city but now slowly and gradually I’m getting along with the city, with the people and with the language problems 😛 .  Food was never a problem since I love south Indian food ( but of course after Italin, Punjabi and Gujarat 😉 ) and Chennai is the best place to explore it (as told by friends).

Anyways…so during all these days that I’ve remained absent on my blog… I’ve come across a lot of interesting things / people / observations etc.  … and every time I thought that ‘Yeah!… I’ll blog about it 😛 ‘ … and if I forgot .. Hubby will surely remind me ‘Yeah! you can blog about it 😉 ‘….  but kept post ponding it…. and then I realized that if I keep waiting for ‘enough time to write and compose’ … may be I’ll never blog about it :/ … Sigh!!

…….. so instead of waiting for the ‘right time’ I’m just putting everything (that I can recall ) as small notes rather than individual posts.

# Went to Cream-Center and they gave us a paper + pencil to solve puzzles while we wait for the food. I loved the idea…better than watching TV or looking at other people with hungry eyes 😛

# While replying to everyone on Hitchy’s mail … I mentioned about my house-hunting troubles in Chennai and was totally over whelmed by people’s response (yeah… not even 50% knew me before that mail )…. made me believe that the world isn’t that bad after all…no need to loose hope 🙂 [p.s.- the house-hunt is still on and no luck so far 😦 …sigh! …but that is another story ]

# In Chennai… for the first time saw people crossing road in group with a hand held up in the air 😛 ….heheh… the scene looked really funny.

# Here everyone seem to be able to make thine + crisp yummy Dosa …. :O ….i wanna learn that too.

# There are two colors of autos…one is yellow and another blue… I don’t know yet what is the difference.

# I learnt that you don’t have to be dependent on language for communication…at times your expressions can simply tell that you are frustrated 😛

# You will see more Cats than Dogs in Chennai streets.

# People say there are only two seasons in Chennai… Summer and Hot Summer … :O …. WT*

# Monsoon is pretty short and generally it rains during Diwali days ( ‘M I still in India :O )

# Yeah at times I feel like I’m in different country.

# Call center (Talking about Airtel customer service center ) guys will keep balbaring in Tamil until you scream at the top of your voice and tell them ‘Dude please talk in English’

# Airtel customer service center here totally sucks… most of the time they don’t understand your problem and even after you make them understand the problem …they won’t help :/ …. just a bunch of buggers who will give Estimated Time of 2 hours for every damn thing and won’t do it even for 20 hours….grrrr :/

# Coming back to good points…. nice silk and cotton kurtis available everywhere… can’t wait for Hubby’s next salary 😛

# Actually… ‘almost’ everything is available in every area of the city.

# A Bata showroom, Sarvana Bhawan, A sweet shop, Metro shoes, Kodak studio, Adidas, Raymond showroom, Pizz Hut, CCD and few other things like that will be seen in every area…not many Mac D’s here though.

# People seem to have lot of money…. each and every road/ street is full of big or small shops and showrooms.

# I can’t really notice people’s clothes these days since their expressions, flowers in their hair, strong oil fragrance (?) and mustaches are more prominent 😛

# Because of language problem I may not be able to make many friends here…but I’ve heard that Tamil people are very friendly and helpful by nature.

Pheww… long enough Chennai tour for this time…more to come in next or next to next post hopefully ;D


9 thoughts on “Exploring Chennai ;)

  1. Aha!!! I went through a similar phase when I was there visiting my parents in August!!!

    And don’t remind me of Airtel & their blabberings!!! I call a friend there and I get greeted by some loong loong sentences, I wait for them to end and realize that the voice was telling me that the number is busy 😀

    Good luck for getting the house soon 🙂

    • Lol….. same thing happens with us at times…. we keep listening to long Tamil sentences just to hear ‘the number you are trying to reach is not available’ 😛

  2. We were in Chennai for 15 months – I remember when we were house hunting, the first thing our agent asked us was if were Brahmins and vegetarians! I was shocked !!! I’d never been asked such a question before…

    Language was a huge problem for us esp. with domestic help…

    Some observations:

    – people are proud of their homes…Most houses in Chennai are well maintained
    – booze shops open at 8-8.30 am
    – don’t know what brand of detergent locals use, but their dhotis are always white
    – all meals end with curd rice even Western ones
    – locals are very religious
    – more scooters than cars…While a lot of women drive/ride scooters not many drive cars
    – no taxis other than call taxis…Only autos

    Good luck with your house hunting!

    • Yeah…. intially even we were not able to understand whats the connection between renting a house and being vegetarian or not.
      But anyways… both of us are vegetarians so not a problem.

      People are proud of owning a house for sure…but generally we haven’t seen many ‘well maintained’ houses. :/
      Haven’t got time yet to observe booze shops 😛
      Hubby loves curd rice but can’t imagine having curd rice at the end of Italian meal ;D
      Yeah…more scooters than cars…. though I’ve seen a lot of car showrooms here…but not many cars (especially the luxurious ones) on the road.
      I’m glad there are more autos than taxi…. the traffic is already pretty bad 😉

      Thanks… for the comment and wishes…be really need a lot of luck to find a ‘good’ house in Chennai ;D

  3. — Cream Centre is an awesome place. I just love the food over there. The only issue is that during weekends, one would have to wait a lot to get in.

    — the world has never been bad ! Its only been stupid ! 😀

    — the blue autos are the private ones.

    — Its not just two; its hot, hotter and hottest ! 😀 😀 😀 April- May get ready to hide under your bed !

    — yeah, I sometimes use the phrase “what a country” when I am here ! 😀

    — Mac Ds and KFCs are pretty new to chennai. You wouldnt find many of them right now.

    — Take it from me, chennai is a wonderful place to live. Its got everything ! People have misconceptions about the city, but I have been here for 9 years now and I just love the city. The people here are friendly and are very helpful in nature. For example, you ask someone how to get to a particular location, they would make sure you reach there properly.

    Good luck with the house hunt. Any doubts on the language, you could ask me too 😀 😀

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