Somebody please explain :/

People say expectations are root-cause of every pain…so don’t expect.

Why not? I’m trying to live upto expectation of everyone around me… why I can’t expect something from them ?  Why I have to justify my reasons for being angry or disappointed or frustrated or whatever… until other people are convinced that the reasons are *good enough* ??

if something is very little and ‘not so important’ to others…is bothering me a lot… why i’m expected to take it easy and ‘not bother’ about it…becoz rest of the world doesn’t find it important enough !

Becoz its just the situation and no one’s personal fault… can’t i be angry…just with the situation itself ?

If i expect something…it doesn’t happen…or something toally oppostite of it happens… i’m just suppose to take it light and blame my expectations for that …huh?!?!?! Why I can’t be angry for the simple reson that I expected something and I was disappointed … oh yeah I forgot… ‘Expectations’ are wrong in first place :/

Why I have to fear to co-sequences before reacting to anything or anyone… can’t I take my loved ones for granted ?

I already know the answers…. people ask me not to expect because that is the right thing and they don’t want to see me getting hurt…. they ask you to justify the reasons just to make me see that ‘its no big deal’ so that I’ll be able to take it lightly, let it go and be happy again…. I should not take my loved ones for granted because they are also human beings and can get hurt with a wrong reaction. Sigh !! … I know all these already… but still …… it’s all easier said than done.

I expect and I get hurt…but it’s easier to get over than pain than ‘trying’ not to expect 😛


5 thoughts on “Somebody please explain :/

  1. To not expect is not possible… !! but lesser the expectation more the enjoyment… higher the expectation more chances of disappointment – SPEAKETH THE SWAMI HITCHY !!!!!!! :mrgreen:

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