Another Blog ;)

Yeah…keeping up with one blog itself is so difficult… but still I’ve started another blog 😛 It’s mine and Hubby’s joint venture. This new blog will be more about reviews of our trips, food joints we explore, movies, books… anything and everything new that we come across 😉 Check it out and let me know […]

Is this Me ? :O

Have you ever felt that you didn’t know your real self till now…. or sudden confusion about ‘I am Ms X or Y ?? ‘ … or a surprise that ‘How come I’ve never realised this about me before ? ‘ Please …please …please ….say ‘Yes’ …. at least that will make me feel little better […]

Exploring Chennai- Part 2 :)

Yeah…some more discoveries about this city 😛 Btw…We’ve found a house… close to Hubby’s office and far from our budget ;D Didn’t have net access for almost two weeks so I had no choice but to take a break from Blogging, Blog hopping, Flickring, Facebooking, Orkuting, Googling and all other my fav. time-pass(?) stuff 😦  Anyway, now […]