Exploring Chennai- Part 2 :)

Yeah…some more discoveries about this city 😛

Btw…We’ve found a house… close to Hubby’s office and far from our budget ;D

Didn’t have net access for almost two weeks so I had no choice but to take a break from Blogging, Blog hopping, Flickring, Facebooking, Orkuting, Googling and all other my fav. time-pass(?) stuff 😦  Anyway, now I’m back with a fresh report on Chennai 😉

# Straight and Front means almost same thing here :O

# T-point is called ‘Dead-end’ . Yeah people will tell you- “Take left’a from here… front dead-end…and then take a right from dead-end” :/

# Every word gets an extension. For example- ‘Signal’ becomes ‘Signal-a’ 😛

# I think the Autowalas have a secret association and they are planning to get their Autos replaced with Helicopters and every Autowala is working hard towards proving that they are ‘made to be flying and not driving’.

# My maid doesn’t understand a word of Hindi or English… but sign language works everywhere 😉

# Airtel customer care people are biggest buggers and loosers (ugh! sorry for cribbing about them again…but can’t help it … ‘m really fed up with them… every time I call up their customer care number…the call always ends with a frustration boiling inside me :/ )

# My expi. with other customer care people apart from Airtel has been good so far. (*touch wood*)

# Cake shops are everywhere…. I love it 🙂

# Available varieties of breads are also amazing.

# Quality of Vegetables ( @ Spencer’s) is really good. Never found such nice and fresh veges in Gurgaon. Though couldn’t find Green peas anywhere :(.

# Every street corner has a tiny temple…mostly of Gnesha… painted or tiled in red-n-white stripes.

# People seem to be highly fond of flowers and food.

# I tried cooking Banana flower…but it was a total fiasco :/ I’m not gonna try any more Southie veges 😦

# Got to see shops specially dedicated to Coffee. Was really a surprise. In Gujarat and Mumbai I’d seen such shops for Tea but no for Coffee.

# Roads are not complicated but one-ways do make it look complicated.

# People are nice and helpful…but when you don’t understand their language, they can’t help you even if they want to.

# Buses rule the roads. When a bus passes by me from a distance of hardly 5 inches… on a crowded road…it really freaks me out :O.

# Lifts are very talkative 😛 . “Please close the door- (same thing in tamil)” – common mantra of all lifts in Chennai.

# People dare to wear thine-white-cotton-lungi even during these rainy days   :O

# You have to buy drinking water… people don’t seem to have much faith in water filters.

# Lot of mosquitoes everywhere… can’t live in this city without Hit and All-out. God bless who ever invented Hit spray.

This is it for now…. I’m not sure but there is high possibility of me coming up with  ‘part-3’ soon 😛


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