Tortured by Airtel … can anyone help please :(

We were using Aritel: landline + broadband connetion while we were in Gurgaon.
Lanline no.- 0124 -4277323
Since we had to shift to Chennai, on 16 Oct. 2009, I placed a cancellation request (837707)
I don’t understand why, but they had some confusion and did not cancel the connection. Any how… I kept calling up Airtel customer care and asked them to collect the phone and modem as we didn’t want to continue that connection. Finally on 29th Oct. 2009 I submitted the phone and modem to Airtel office in Galleria mall. I also have the receipt of the same.
After this we moved to Chennai and since then haven’t been to Gurgaon even once. We thought that connection was cancelled and we paid full and final amount on 7th Jan. 2010
Reference No. : 53666
Amount Paid : 1630.00
We had called up Airtel customer care so many time for the follow up. They kept promising 24 hours and nothing happened even after days. Finally we got tired and stopped calling them.
Now its February and we are still getting pestering calls from Airtel collection department that we owe them money and we haven’t paid our bill for month of Nov.- Dec. ( :O ) They are calling up our relatives also and harassing them.
I don’t have any more patient left to keep repeating the same problem to all new Airtel executives I get on the line.
Can somebody please guide me about how can I go to consumer court for help ?
– A tortured Airtel Customer 😦

4 thoughts on “Tortured by Airtel … can anyone help please :(

  1. I also had a similar issue with Airtel. They made a huge Rs. 7000 outstanding amount, and repeated calls. I went to their office, and emailed customer care stating that I’ve had enough harrassment, and I refuse to pay anything at all. If they still have a problem, I can file a case in consumer forum.

    After that they just vanished, like they didn’t exist! Good luck.

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