“If there is such a thing as a good marriage, it is because it resembles friendship rather than love.” – Michel de Montaigne

I saw this quote as Aathira‘s status on Gtalk… and here goes the conversation…. me: hummm…nice quote   but what does your personal experience say ?   😉 Aathira:  I feel that at times love makes one blind to simple practicalities.. so hence friendship is a safer bet what do you feel? 🙂 me: i agree   but […]

Home sweet home.

A new post after longggg time. I wonder what is the reason. Actually I know… just my laziness and nothing else. Well.. aslo a little bit disoriented life. It seems like every three or four monts ..we are changing our “permenent address”.  Travelling to a new place every few months may sound like fun… but trust […]