Home sweet home.

A new post after longggg time. I wonder what is the reason. Actually I know… just my laziness and nothing else. Well.. aslo a little bit disoriented life.

It seems like every three or four monts ..we are changing our “permenent address”.  :/ Travelling to a new place every few months may sound like fun… but trust me…its a lot of trouble. Intially I loved the idea or roaming around the world…but now I miss home.

Today I read a friend’s status message on Facebook (another addiction keeping me away from my blog 😛 ). It was in Gujarati. The literal translation would be “Home is the last end of the World” .. but it actually means that – you can go roaming all around the world but you will find peace only at home.


5 thoughts on “Home sweet home.

    • I’m not in Chennai right now… but will be back there by mid April. Already dreading the idea of terrible heat 😦

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