Just relax…

This one is inspried from the movie I was watching yesterday – "The Prince & Me- II " … couldn’t watch more than first 20 mins since it was already dinner time… but really loved a scene where the Prince surprises her with a room full of butterflies. I know it was all animation and if someone actually tried to do that it might have turned out to be a disaster, but still… found it very romantic and dreamy 🙂

When I started the shoot, I was planning to do a silhouette image so I kept the contrast high and the tones dark. But while I was editing.. I realised that the concept isn’t working out well with dark tones and I will have to brighten up the original photograph. This is a very common thing with me these days. I keep changing the concept during editing, which is so not good. I will never advice anyone to work this way. One should have a very clear idea about how you are going to process it before you start shooting.

As you can see here, I have managed to brighten up the image but in the process a lot of noise has been added to it and that brings down the quality. I totally hate such unwanted noise. Let’s hope that I will learn  from these mistakes and won’t repeat them in future 😉

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


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