“It sometimes happens that a woman is handsomer at twenty-nine than she was ten years before”

– Helen Keller
I can so much relate to this quote. Of course, what you see here is photoshop magic. But in real life, I used be literally an ugly duckling during my college days. Though I am no "fairest Maiden" now also but at least I look lot better. Basically I learnt how to present myself, lost a few extra pounds, learnt what haircut suits me and how to manage my hair, developed a decent dressing sense and the most important thing- become little confident and bit more smarter.. and it alllllll happened because of help from a few lovely friends. I just can’t thank them enough for accepting me as I was and then helping me with bringing out the best in me without loosing what I already had.
* mwah *
Before and After of today’s Self portrait


13 thoughts on ““It sometimes happens that a woman is handsomer at twenty-nine than she was ten years before”

  1. hehehe 🙂 Even I feel that I have changed a lot with time and though not a beauty even now but yes I have developed a style of my own 🙂 I cud relate to these musing 🙂

    • Yeah… I think this happens with almost all girls… except the few who are bless with babe looks and attitude from the beginning ;D

  2. I agree with hellen keller completely! thing is, as you grow older you figure out things that work for you, colors, cuts, hair, ways to look thinner, to look taller, all of that! guess its wisdom and also just being comfortable in your skin.

  3. i completely agree to this purvi…its the maturity, understanding and confidence that makes one confident over a period of time….and thats the perfect recipe of beauty..cos it isnt cosmetic..but a substantial beauty of within…. !!!

  4. Hey!!…
    Your photos are so stunning….Great creativity…..When I see your pics, I go to the entirely new world…Just mesmerized….No words!!…

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