Was watching this movie – “Invention of Lying” – woah … half the people would have killed each other or themselves if the world was really like that :/

For people who haven’t seen the movie – it starts with the imagination of a world where no one ever lied about anything. People just speak out blunt truth right in your face :/

Most of the people would prefer to hear a white lie than a bitter truth. The art of sugar-coating is compulsory for all the social animals… and it is not limited to just day to day small talks.  Everyone lies once in a while … including to one’s self. And for the things we don’t want to hear and also can’t lie about… we simply choose to ignore. For example – we would rather keep ourselves busy with news about celebrity gossips than learning about never ending riots in Kashmir. We would be more interested in reviews of a new food joint in the city than worrying about many poor kids dying because of hunger and poverty.  It’s the beauty of human brain you can say, that we can choose to remember only what we like and forget or ignore that we can’t handle. It’s not only natural but also good, living with painful thoughts on your mind all the time would be quite difficult I believe.

You know what I am saying… so not gonna elaborate and just end it here without pushing you to the limit of saying – “shut it lady …” (Yeah ! I couldn’t think of a better ending ;D )

Cheers !




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