When do you know you are happy ?

When do you know you are happy ? Actually never because most of us realise only after loosing it. How ironic and yet how typically human. Other animals seem to be content with their lives most of the time, while we seem to deeply in love with whining. I am also a part this category to a large extent and still can’t understand why it is like that.

Why we tend to take happiness for granted or rather say always keep trying to find some fault and prove that we are not happy. Do we just love problems or what ? Cause I definitely find myself and many other people searching for problems that never existed before. Unlike many other unfortunate people, we don’t have to fight for basic needs like food & shelter, so we get ourselves busy with useless problems like – “I just can’t get rid of these pimples… I hate my life” – “I have to go to office and work… I hate my life” – “My parents just don’t understand me… I hate my life” – “I have nothing to wear for the party tonight … I hate my life” …… wow! really?

Think about it again. While you are busy complaining about not being able to find your favourite lip-gloss, there are many people going off to sleep without uttering a word about their empty stomach… mainly because they are not left with any energy to complain. I am not suggesting that you become Mother Terresa and give away everything… all I am saying is… start valuing what you have. Enjoy the life you are blessed with and be happy.

Have a nice day.

Cheers !


3 thoughts on “When do you know you are happy ?

  1. If you look at it from another perspective, being unsatisfied with the present leads to so many discoveries and inventions. If human beings had just accepted their life, we would still be living in caves eating raw deer flesh.

    Just because we were able to think about things and problems that don’t even exist, we’ve reached where we have. Obviously we should maintain a balance, always cribbing about life is not good. Rather “only” cribbing is not good, crib and work to change things.

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