To be, or not to be

– William Shakespspeare

Much has been written, said and discussed about this famous quote, but today I am looking at it in a new light.

Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi is my latest addiction  I find myself incapable of putting the book down. While half in love with the lead character and amazed by the way the old stories are presented in new form a fiction that a ration mind can accept … it has also given me a lot to think about.

Here is a concept from the mentioned series – there are two kind of forces in this world – Masculine and Feminine. Nopes, it has nothing to do with being a Man or Woman. Masculine force is the one that lives by the rules and worships discipline. Kind of change averse… And Feminine force is the mercurial one. Living in the moment with passion. One wants to hold on and the other craves to break free.

Both the forces exist in every individual. One can be more dominating than the other one but we still have a choice to strike a balance. More I guess I will figure out when I read the next chapter 😉


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