Accept your colors

Ghee…you’re mood swings annoy me so much.. I changed my opinion to suit the time and situation but what you did was hypocrisy. I am just demanding for my rights but you are being angry for no reason. It is perfectly alright of me to ask you to adjust a bit but if I do it, that would be rather a compromise. I was genuinely mistaken or confused but you are such a fool.

Oh come on…. I can go on like this for at least another hour or so… Or may be longer. Let’s look at ourselves before accusing others of having double standards. We all are some part stupid, some part moody, some part hypocrites, some part stubborn and some part down right obnoxious…. And then many more such things. The percentage might vary from person to person. I am not forgetting the good parts but lets stop pretending to be flawless.

I accept myself as whole today … High chances that I will soon forget or bury this realization somewhere and start with the same drama all over again …but for today my little silly parts, you are all accepted and loved 🙂

Self Portrait by Rosie Hardy


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