Trying to Understand the Misunderstandings

I don’t think its possible to explain all the reasons for misunderstanding… hoping to achieve such a thing would be a big misunderstanding in itself 😛

I also made a useless attempt at “Googling” (its high time that this word is added to all dictionaries 😉 about the common causes for misunderstanding. Yeah.. I seem to have developed a great faith in internet search… but we can ponder over that subject some other time.

Now since my favorite source of information failed me, I turned to my more complicated but more reliable source – life itself. Well, looking back at all the events that I could recall, most common reason seems to be assumption. All kind of assumptions – small, big, thin, fat, ugly, pretty, funny and weird assumptions. Simple assumptions like – it’s someone else’s responsibility or the other person should make the first effort. More complicated assumption like – This is what I read between the lines and that’s why i should completely ignore the lines itself or this person is being too nice to me so there must be a hidden agenda… And then there are super complicated assumptions like – I said X because I wanted to imply something like Y but then he/she took it for something like Z and that is why he/she acted like A and now I have to act like  XA to convey that what I really want is XY… :O . I don’t have any energy left to find the second example for this kind.

Life would be so much simpler if everyone could act and say what they really want and expect the same in return. Chuck “reading between the lines” or trying to “find the face behind the mask” or asking “why should I”. But this will never happen, because we enjoy making a puzzle out of simple matters and then work hard at trying to solve and mess it up more in the process 😉

Symmetry Symptom by mrmcqueen

” In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” – Robert Frost


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