“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” – Pericles

Copied from a Friend’s gtalk status – “Good taste and values are the courage of your own convictions. Moral policing was built by a group of jealous and unhappy people.” – Niharika Singh

How true…isn’t it? People, who lack the nerve to take charge of their own life, surely do feel that others should also surrender their free will to the same fears – social, religious or political.

We admire Shahrukh in his romantic roles and we don’t mind Munni becoming “badnaam” but we do twist our faces and disgust if someone is audacious enough to express their love publicly in real life. We would rather enjoy the entertainment of two people beating up each other on street then see them holding hands. Some peace loving Gandhi country we are.


On a related note – I went to meet my niece and she told us that her teacher asked them not to celebrate new year because its western culture …. ?!?!?! :O When was time adopted by a particular culture or religion ?





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