I am just a reflection of your dreams

Do you ever  get confused about  how much you are real and how much you are just result of fulfilling other people’s expectations ?
What if we were really free to live just for ourselves… no expectation from anyone … no attachment to anyone. Just allowed to be whatever you want to be … or rather whatever you are meant to be. Would I still be the same person? What I see in the mirror is through so many layers – the dreams of my loved ones. As much as I love these layers, I still wonder what they hide.

Reflection by Mint Icetea

Related Note : Came across this song “Unreal” by Ill Nino and found it interesting.
Some part of the lyrics – 
Separate your mind
Overcome in time
I’m taking what is mine
Is this what I get for learning to speak?
For opening eyes and digging in deep?
Is this what I get for being reborn from the norm?

I don’t want to shine; light will make us blind
I don’t want to feel unreal
What have I become, born under the sun?
What would it take to not look away?
To open my eyes and stare in the face
To learn from what’s real
I’m trying to deal, but it’s worthless:


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