Top 5 things I use my phone for..

1) Whatsapp – Of course! I do believe that its as addictive as facebook.  At times I find myself opening and closing the app just for the sake of it… even if there is no message :O

2) Alarm Clock – Yes… this one comes second because I am obsessed with setting up alarms.My natural sense of time is as crewed up as my sense of direction… So I use it more like a timer + reminder. Hubby wonders why I don’t use the actual reminder facility. Eh.. no explanation. That’s just me.

3) Walkman – One of the biggest reason why I prefer Sony phone over any other. Not that other phones don’t have media player, I just like Walkman better. 🙂

4) Games – Another obvious one… isn’t it? Recent addiction is Solitaire. Before that it was Sudoku. Concentrating my energy on trying to solve something of absolute no importance is my favorite activity when I am trying to distract my mind from being stuck to thoughts I don’t like … or just killing time 😉

5) Camera – For photography I prefer my D90 and if that’s not available for some reason, I will go for the point-n-shoot. Phone Camera has a very different usage for me, like – alternate option for scanning, capturing something to later search about on google and/or creating a visual reference for friend’s opinion about which dress I should buy 😉


Errr… I do receive or make an occasional phone call, too. 😛




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