Waiting for the Spring

Waiting for the Spring by MINT ICETEA
Waiting for the Spring, a photo by MINT ICETEA on Flickr.

Yup ! My first outdoor SP. I hope I can continue this and get out of my shy shell πŸ˜‰

Well… Yes it was cold and the idea seemed insane at first but I did it anyway… and it wasn’t so bad. All one needs is some courage, some craziness and some stamina to bear the initial discomfort πŸ˜› To be honest, till last moment the little inner voice kept saying – “this is stupid… let’s not do this” but the crazy part of me still went on ;D The original idea was to cuddle up in snow (Yup! really) but then I though it might be too much for the first time.. so changed the idea and decide to go for a standing pose.

Apart from the cold, I was also worried about neighbors and passers-by. Luckily, I didn’t find anyone picking from the windows or balcony and it being the afternoon time there were no passers-by either.

Here is the first shot –

First shot

But you see the problem. Its too bright and so out of focus. Generally I would take my time to fiddle around with camera settings and would use something as dummy focus point (putting something in place where I am suppose to be so that I can fix the focus point accordingly). But since I wanted to get over with this shoot ASAP… I didn’t do all that and the result was nothing but a disaster 😦

Anyway.. lesson learnt. After that I decided to forget about cold and slippery snow for a while and concentrate on doing the process right way. So as you can see here, Candle stand became my dummy focus point. Not the most idea object since it couldn’t provide much contrast with the background …but I couldn’t find anything sturdy and still light enough for me to carry till the destination point and this did the job anyway.

02 candle stand

After the set up … next difficult became – Posing. Try it. Step out in cold weather just wearing a cotton dress and you’ll realize that your limbs have a mind of their own and will immediately protest against your mad ideas. Mine defiantly did. Anyway, I somehow managed to force them my way and got one good shot finally…. and then I clicked three more shots ;D … just for the “did it” record πŸ˜‰

04 Did it

So that’s story of my today’s craziness.

About the backdrop change… originally that wasn’t part of the plan but while editing the image I decided to do that and see it worked out. The umbrellas also have their own story .. but may be some other time … another post πŸ˜‰

How I did it ? Errr… that would require a really really long tutorial and I am so not good at creating one 😦 Sorry! But I can tell you where you will find many good tutorials – Google πŸ˜› … and if you are really serious about it – Go to Phlearn.com

Have a happy and fun long weekend everyone πŸ™‚


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