Brave New World

I am tired of listening to and giving advises like – Try and be happy… Fight this sad feelings … life is still good – kind of BS. Let’s try something new.

Don’t fight your depression. Instead, welcome it with a warm hug. Eat all the comfort food without counting calories. Crib and complain and rant about everything as much as you can. Be miserable. You have a right to be sad if you are feeling sad. Cry and scream and beat the pillow. Feel free to express yourself.

A time will come when you will get tired of being upset… sick of being what you are not. There – that’s the day when you will walk out of  this comforting but lonely darkness and decide to rebuild yourself.  Now first thing first – Start running. Gotta burn all those extra calories that have been consumed in the name of “comfort” 😛

(Errr… this is only for what I call “daily life miseries” – like break ups, bad interviews, lost toys and occasion gloomy feelings. People going through serious depression and feeling suicidal, please don’t even read this post and straight away go get profession help without hesitation.)


by Purvi Joshi (MINT ICETEA)


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