Behind the Scenes – “Drowned”

Don’t think I’ve ever written so much about any other image :O

Here comes the word flood –


Generally I find myself struggling with words. Wouldn’t know how to describe my image in more words. At the max I would right a couple of lines or find a quote that feels close. Like to leave it for the viewers to decide how it appeals to them. But today Β I can’t stop writing about the experience of creating this image and I’m gonna post it all here πŸ™‚

About the idea –
Basically the concept started with getting obsessed about paper boats. Yeah, suddenly I am very much in love with paper boats (just like I’d gone bonkers about butterflies πŸ˜› ) so do except to see more of them πŸ˜‰
But I didn’t want to start with the obvious thought or something that has already been over done. Call it an ego issue or creative push… whatever it was… it worked. I kept thinking about paper boats for quite a few days and while watching a scene about “dry drowning” in a movie, I came up with this idea.

Original idea was very vague and lacked the details. But with me, it is like that most of the times. So what I generally do is keep thinking on an idea for a few days. Followed the same process for this one, too and came up with more details and clarity about how I wanted to see the final image.
Well, there is another problem with clear concepts for me. I was so stuck on the kind of place I wanted that I wouldn’t shoot it anywhere else… and finding the right place is what took much more time than refining the concept.

About the place –
As I’ve already mentioned, I had this idea in mind for quite some time but couldn’t find a location where I would like to shoot it. Well… finally I did… and now I am absolutely in love with this place πŸ™‚
I am yet to figure out official address of it …mainly due to my own laziness 😦 …. but I will soon do that and share it.

It’s like most beautiful and inspiring place in Munich I’ve seen so far. What you see here is probably the simple most part of it. (Thought it would be better to start with a concept that I already had thought through, instead of jumping the gun on ideas that came like a blast at the site of this venue :P)
Every corner and wall here is so beautiful… its amazing.

Of course, I’m gonna go there and click more concepts. πŸ˜€
So here I am, over with obsession about explore and enjoying the journey of self discovery (and literal discoveries :P) with creation of each image. It’s good to be free from fears πŸ™‚

Have an exciting and fun weekend πŸ™‚



Drowned on Flickr


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