Free textures – black & white

So, there are 4 ‘black & white’ textures that I am giving away for free

Free textures

You can download them from HERE 🙂

… and here are couple examples of using these textures. These are more like quick trials to see how it would work out and also to give some idea for people who are new at using textures.

05 example


How I used it ? Very simple –

# Desaturated the original image just a bit to give a kind of dull look.

# Added the texture on new layer and set it as overlay

# Reduced the opacity of texture layer a bit and erased out the part that was cover the body and floor.


01 example


How I did it? Here are the steps –


# Turned the base image to black & white (mainly just because I thought it would look cooler that way 😉 )

# Added the texture to new layer and reduced opacity (keeping the mode as normal only

# Darkened the area around upper edge (texture layer) using burn tool

# Erased the texture around face partially (Kept the eraser opacity at 30%)

# Improved the contrast using curve layer. Done. Now it looks like I’m looking through a glass window.


Happy Weekend everyone 🙂




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