Sam – My first client shoot in Munich :)

For me, this whole month has been super busy but also awesome 🙂

I started with client work in Munich and the experience has been awesome.

Meet Sam – Samuel Penderbayne. My first client shoot in Munich (Germany).

sam 01

Sam is an Australian/German musician trained formally in composition, voice, piano and conducting. Although, I was nervous working with a male model for the first time, it turned out to be a super fun experience.

Turns out that working with a male model isn’t so difficult after all. Even though you can’t ask them to put on fancy make up and play around with long hair or pretty dresses, there is a lot of room for drama and creativity. We walked around Mrienplatz (city center) and explored + discovered quite a few spots.

This is the fun part about shooting outdoor. You are not constrained with ‘whatever available’. You can change locations and obviously bigger space means more depth. Although, this particular day wasn’t very friendly for outdoor shooting. The temperature was 2 to -2 degrees and by the time the shoot was done, I could barely bent my fingers. Of course, Sam suffered more than me 😛 … but in the end all that suffering turned out to be worth it. The pictures came out better than expected and we also had good time 🙂

sam 02 sam 03

sam 04 Sam 00


Good work does somewhat mean suffering a little ;D





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