Maria – another client shoot in Munich :)

Another glimpse from my busy November work.

maria 01

It has been a great month. Meeting new people, exploring new locations and also learning so much more through all these experiences.

As much as I regret for having wasted so much time just making excuses about why I can’t start working for other people, I am also happy for the begging of this new phase. Seeing the joy on someone’s face when you show them their images, it’s priceless.

Anyone who attended Sue Bryce & Lara Jade workshop on CreativeLive would remember this – Sue was talking about her experience with one of her customers. An old lady who stopped Sue just before the shoot and said something like this – “I fear that I would feel incredibly beautiful and you won’t be able to capture it”. Well, this kind of has been my fear, too. What if I can’t capture the beauty within that person? What if I fail and rather end up making someone feel miserable ? But one can’t learn swimming without jumping in the water… so here I am – learning how to live among the waves 🙂 (It’s just a metaphor. I still fear the actual swimming 😛 )

Thank you Maria for letting me capture your Beauty 🙂


maria 05maria 02maria 04maria 03


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