Behind the Scenes – “Drowned”

Don’t think I’ve ever written so much about any other image :O Here comes the word flood –   Generally I find myself struggling with words. Wouldn’t know how to describe my image in more words. At the max I would right a couple of lines or find a quote that feels close. Like to […]

Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds, a photo by MINT ICETEA on Flickr. There is no reason to fear darkness, unless you are beginning to believe in it. ———- Every time I read a post or news about another teenage rising star, I find my heart filled with equal amount of joy and sadness. Reason for the joy is […]


Leaning, a photo by MINT ICETEA on Flickr. People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind. – William Butler Yeats I don’t know if I have become suddenly bold, creative or just shameless. Today I clicked this and one more story SPs in an […]

Brave New World

I am tired of listening to and giving advises like – Try and be happy… Fight this sad feelings … life is still good – kind of BS. Let’s try something new. Don’t fight your depression. Instead, welcome it with a warm hug. Eat all the comfort food without counting calories. Crib and complain and […]