No perfect life…

When it stats bothering me too much that life isn’t perfect… I like to watch a movie. It tells me that its not even in the fictions.  Probably its not meant to be perfect. Little faults and little issues keep it interesting… something for us to do …something to even crib and complain about. Otherwise, […]

Just Around The Corner

“If you are not happy as you are, where you are, you will never be happy.” Yet everyone is waiting to change one or two things in life to be happy. You can choose to be happy in the worst of circumstances or be miserable with the best. Happiness is a state of mind. Vedanta […]

“Speak now or… “

I like this concept of giving a “warning” … telling people that this is a precious and very important moment, not only for these two people but for all of you, too. As they are connected with your lives, their marriage is going to affect you, too. So if you have any objection, this is […]

Home sweet home.

A new post after longggg time. I wonder what is the reason. Actually I know… just my laziness and nothing else. Well.. aslo a little bit disoriented life. It seems like every three or four monts ..we are changing our “permenent address”.  Travelling to a new place every few months may sound like fun… but trust […]