When do you know you are happy ?

When do you know you are happy ? Actually never because most of us realise only after loosing it. How ironic and yet how typically human. Other animals seem to be content with their lives most of the time, while we seem to deeply in love with whining. I am also a part this category to a […]


Was watching this movie – “Invention of Lying” – woah … half the people would have killed each other or themselves if the world was really like that For people who haven’t seen the movie – it starts with the imagination of a world where no one ever lied about anything. People just speak out […]

Is this Me ? :O

Have you ever felt that you didn’t know your real self till now…. or sudden confusion about ‘I am Ms X or Y ?? ‘ … or a surprise that ‘How come I’ve never realised this about me before ? ‘ Please …please …please ….say ‘Yes’ …. at least that will make me feel little better […]

Somebody please explain :/

People say expectations are root-cause of every pain…so don’t expect. Why not? I’m trying to live upto expectation of everyone around me… why I can’t expect something from them ?  Why I have to justify my reasons for being angry or disappointed or frustrated or whatever… until other people are convinced that the reasons are […]

Auto Rickshaw

Yeah I’ve been absent for a while…not only on WordPress but also on my flickr account. Sorry…but Hubby had taken leave from office and we were on a small vacation 😛 … But back to Monday ‘blues’ now 😦 While we were still on vacation… just the thought about ‘whats the origin of Auto Rickshaw’ […]