Maria – another client shoot in Munich :)

Another glimpse from my busy November work. It has been a great month. Meeting new people, exploring new locations and also learning so much more through all these experiences. Advertisements

Sam – My first client shoot in Munich :)

For me, this whole month has been super busy but also awesome 🙂 I started with client work in Munich and the experience has been awesome. Meet Sam – Samuel Penderbayne. My first client shoot in Munich (Germany). Sam is an Australian/German musician trained formally in composition, voice, piano and conducting. Although, I was nervous working […]

“It sometimes happens that a woman is handsomer at twenty-nine than she was ten years before”

– Helen Keller I can so much relate to this quote. Of course, what you see here is photoshop magic. But in real life, I used be literally an ugly duckling during my college days. Though I am no "fairest Maiden" now also but at least I look lot better. Basically I learnt how to […]

Is this Me ? :O

Have you ever felt that you didn’t know your real self till now…. or sudden confusion about ‘I am Ms X or Y ?? ‘ … or a surprise that ‘How come I’ve never realised this about me before ? ‘ Please …please …please ….say ‘Yes’ …. at least that will make me feel little better […]

There is no * ctrl+z * in real life :/

One thing I found real easy to deal with was always Maths…. and the second thing was Computer. Both of them have fix rules and no complications…. though in very different ways. Maths allows no confusions… most of the time there is only one answer for every sum… no if / but / may be […]