Free textures – black & white

So, there are 4 ‘black & white’ textures that I am giving away for free You can download them from HERE 🙂 … and here are couple examples of using these textures. These are more like quick trials to see how it would work out and also to give some idea for people who are […]

Behind the Scenes – “Winter is Coming”

This idea is inspired from the changing weather and the story of “Beauty and The Beast” Here are the images that were used to create it –     # As you can see, the main image is much darker. Even with low ISO, low shutter speed and maximum aperture this is the best I […]

“It sometimes happens that a woman is handsomer at twenty-nine than she was ten years before”

– Helen Keller I can so much relate to this quote. Of course, what you see here is photoshop magic. But in real life, I used be literally an ugly duckling during my college days. Though I am no "fairest Maiden" now also but at least I look lot better. Basically I learnt how to […]

Just relax…

This one is inspried from the movie I was watching yesterday – "The Prince & Me- II " … couldn’t watch more than first 20 mins since it was already dinner time… but really loved a scene where the Prince surprises her with a room full of butterflies. I know it was all animation and […]