Making of “Autumn Wind”

Could have had posted this yesterday but got so carried away with Sue & Lara’s workshop on CreativeLive 🙂 It’s not a very complicated image but it’s a couple of simple tricks/ learning that I want to share. First one is – hair flip. I love adding hair movement. It gives such a nice sense […]

Top 5 things I use my phone for..

1) Whatsapp – Of course! I do believe that its as addictive as facebook.  At times I find myself opening and closing the app just for the sake of it… even if there is no message :O 2) Alarm Clock – Yes… this one comes second because I am obsessed with setting up alarms.My natural […]

No perfect life…

When it stats bothering me too much that life isn’t perfect… I like to watch a movie. It tells me that its not even in the fictions.  Probably its not meant to be perfect. Little faults and little issues keep it interesting… something for us to do …something to even crib and complain about. Otherwise, […]